Jetta's Diary

Stuff Wot Happens (by Jetta the Dog) (copyright - MINE)

Jetta the DOG
Hello! My name is Jetta. Yep. I'm a dog. Yep, yep, yep. In particular I'm a Staffy - a Staffordshire terrier. Pretty cool, huh? I'm roughly the size of one of them great big mastiffs you might have heard of, except that I occupy less space and don't weigh as much. People say I'm a "feisty little bugger" except that one of my keepers (the Short Woman) says this should be "festy little bugger". The other keeper (the Tall Man) says I have a "bonus head". I don't understand what this means, but apparently he doesn't either. I guess it means I'm important! Duh.

Bonus head, that's me.

Yep, yep, yep.


This journal will express all and any THOUGHTS and IDEAS I have that cannot be expressed by barking or making a piercing sound that's kind of a cross between a grunt and a whine and sounds like an elk being chainsawed to death. If, as a result of reading about these THOUGHTS and IDEAS, you come to the conclusion that I must be a cute little doggie, why not come over and visit? Yep!

Bring some cheese.
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